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  • Walk It Like It’s Hot Pink

    Walk It Like It’s Hot Pink

    There’s a feeling that you get when you do something good for yourself. When you lace up your sneakers and head outside for a walk. It doesn’t take long before you find yourself holding your head up higher, smiling brighter, and feeling your body settle into a rhythm. Perhaps even a strut.
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  • 3 Exercises to Ease Hip & Back Pain

    3 Exercises to Ease Hip & Back Pain

    My dog has gotten to that age where she grunts a bit when she gets up after a long afternoon siesta. Waking up her joints isn’t as quick as it used to be, but she has a routine to get going. Once she’s standing upright, she goes into a deep stretch. Yep, the downward dog yoga pose came from our ever-wise canine companions. Wouldn’t you say it’s about time we start taking their lead?
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  • Get Up & Glow Yellow

    Get Up & Glow Yellow

    Introducing the newest Jetti Pole color: Get Up & Glow Yellow. From the moment you reach for your Get Up & Glow Yellow Jetti Poles, you’ll shine brightly. You’ll discover your inner boldness, confidence, and power; truly illuminating your path to better health and wellness—both mentally and physically.
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  • The Difference Between Jetti Poles and Hiking Poles

    The Difference Between Jetti Poles and Hiking Poles

    Trekking poles, hiking poles, walking sticks, Jetti Poles. Is there really a difference? 

    Yep. A big one. Actually, six.

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  • 9 Tips for Walking Safely, Day and Night

    9 Tips for Walking Safely, Day and Night

    As a pedestrian walking in dim, dark, or even daylight, it’s increasingly important to make sure you are visible to oncoming traffic with drivers’ attention being challenged by any number of distractions. In fact, statistics in the past few years have reported a dramatic increase in the number of pedestrians killed and injured by motor vehicles—a May 2022 release by the Governors Highway Safety Association estimated 7,485 people on foot in 2021.

    What precautions can you take to keep safe while out for a walk day or night? Here are nine tips that you’ll want to take with you on your next outing.

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  • 9 Words Every Walker Should Know

    9 Words Every Walker Should Know

    You’ve probably gone for a walk and never thought further about calling it anything different. Or defined yourself in any other way than a walker. But in truth, there are many terms and words that define walking that just might open your eyes to the nuances that come with being a walker. Here are nine of our favorites.
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  • 9 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Your Mental Health

    9 Reasons Why Walking is Good for Your Mental Health

    Life is busy. With work, a couple of kids, maintaining a home, volunteer activities—the list goes on and on—it’s not easy to find time for yourself. But you know that taking care of your mental health is a must, not just for yourself, but also your family and all the people you encounter throughout the day. What’s our go-to for self-care? Lacing up our tennies, grabbing our Jetti Poles, and taking a walk. Walking is more than an excellent form of exercise. It’s a chance to clear your mind, relax your shoulders, and recharge. Here’s why.
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  • 9 Affirmations for Your Walk

    9 Affirmations for Your Walk

    If you really stop to listen to yourself—that inner self talk that is often running through your mind—what do you hear? Is it friendly? Is it positive? Is it motivating? Or, do you more often find yourself picking on every little detail, or beating yourself up about what you didn’t do? If it’s the latter, you’re not alone. It’s easy to fall into a well of negativity, but if you take the time to flip your thoughts and speak to yourself as you would a friend or loved one, you might just find a change in more than just your self talk. We’re willing to bet that you’ll stand a little taller, walk a little farther, and smile a little brighter.
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  • What’s Behind the Jetti 9

    What’s Behind the Jetti 9

    Put a pair of Jetti Poles in your hands and the changes to your walk are instant. Better posture, faster strides, added stability and activation of your entire body. And when you add the Jetti 9, you’ll discover how to elevate an ordinary walk into a full-body workout that you can take anywhere. Yep, paired with the Jetti 9, Jetti Poles are kinda like your favorite multi-tool, but without all the sharp edges.

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  • 10 Benefits of Jetti Walking

    10 Benefits of Jetti Walking

    You don’t have to do much more than put one foot in front of the other to understand the benefits of walking. The payback is almost immediate with benefits for your mind, mood and body. Add Jetti Poles and those benefits increase exponentially. Here are 10 reasons why.
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  • How Walking Helps Combat Anxiety

    How Walking Helps Combat Anxiety

    Anxiety. It presents itself in a multitude of ways. It might be a knot in the pit of your stomach, a racing heart rate, or a heightened sense of fear. You might find yourself sleeping less, feeling overwhelmed, flushed or with a tingling in your arms and fingers. However it manifests itself, anxiety can be tough to overcome, but walking can help.
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  • The Jetti 20: One-word recipes for a Jetti life

    The Jetti 20: One-word recipes for a Jetti life

    Introducing the Jetti 20. Jetti is about propulsion. Forward momentum. Taking action. Doing the things you need to do to live the life you want. And yet sometimes, those things involve standing still, taking stock. Being. 

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  • Reach for the Sky Blue

    Reach for the Sky Blue

    We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect color for Jetti Poles.

    The color had to represent their potential - their limitless possibilities – and it seemed unfair to settle for something typical … like blue or turquoise or teal.

    It had to be about YOU.

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  • 9 Ways To Change Up Your Walking Practice

    9 Ways To Change Up Your Walking Practice

    It is said that variety is the spice of life, a lesson you should consider applying to your walking style. Varying your routine helps to keep you from getting bored and presents the opportunity to challenge your body in new ways that can lead to stronger muscles and a healthier you. Here are nine ways you can switch things up and add a little spice to your walking workout.
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  • We Took Jetti Poles to the Lab

    We Took Jetti Poles to the Lab

    It was a cold February morning. We loaded three pair of Jetti Poles, three unsuspecting test subjects (okay, they weren't unsuspecting exactly but I'm not sure they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into) and a couple of bottles of water. We headed to the sports performance lab for an 8:00 a.m. start time. Here's what happened.
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  • Jetti Poles Deck of Cards Workout

    Jetti Poles Deck of Cards Workout

    Looking for a little challenge, a little something different, a way to spice up your at-home Jetti workout? Of course, you can always take a class from one of our fantastic coaches. Or take your Jettis out for a spin down the street.

    But if the wind is howling and you feel like doing something on your own, you can design your own Jetti Deck of Cards Workout. All you need is any deck of cards and your Jettis.

    Here’s how.

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  • Welcome to Jetti Fitness!

    Welcome to Jetti Fitness!

    This is it! After more than two years of ideating, developing, testing, and dreaming, here are the first Jetti Poles in their carry bags ready to be shipped. With this, we are ushering in a new age of walking. Creating a form of fitness that's accessible, fun, affordable, effective and indeed, life-changing. 

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