5 Fun Ways to Level Up Your Walking Practice

5 Fun Ways to Level Up Your Walking Practice

A regular walking practice can transform your mind, mood and body. Truly, you don’t have to do more than lace up your sneakers and walk out your door. But if you want a little bit more bang for your walking buck, here are five ways to level up your next walk. And the one after that ... And the one after that.

1. Add Intervals

Switch things up by adding intervals to your walk. Start with a warm-up at your usual pace for about five minutes. Then, alternate one minute of fast walking followed by two minutes at your normal pace. Repeat this pattern throughout your walk. Interval training is great for challenging your cardiovascular system, torching more calories, and keeping your walk interesting.

2. Hit the Hills

See a hill? Climb it. See some stairs? Take them. Walking uphill works your legs and glutes way more than flat ground and gets your heart pumping faster. Try to include at least a few minutes of incline walking each time you head out. 

3. Add Some Weight

Don a Jetti Pack or backpack loaded up with a few books to up the intensity of your walk. This extra weight helps build muscle and makes your body work harder without changing your routine too much. Start light, gradually adding weight as you get stronger and if you are using a backpack, be sure that it fits snugly against your back.

4. Change the Scenery

Walking on different surfaces can make your muscles work in new ways. Mix it up by walking on grass, gravel, sand, or trails. These different terrains engage your stabilizer muscles and make your walk more challenging and fun. Plus, it’s a great way to explore new areas!

5. Pump Up the Music

Research shows that listening to fast-paced music can increase your walking pace without you even thinking about it. So build yourself a playlist with upbeat tunes that get you moving. You'll be surprised at how much your pace picks up when you’re grooving to your favorite songs. Plus, it makes the time fly by!

By adding these simple tricks to your walking routine, you can turn your typical walk into a full-on workout. So grab your shoes, crank up the music, find some hills, and get moving!

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