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Jetti Poles

Who are Jetti Poles for?

Jetti Poles are for anyone who wants to level up their walks and
increase their fitness. Walking with Jetti Poles is fun, easy and
engages your entire body. There are dozens of exercises you can do to
burn more calories and build more muscle, check out the videos HERE to learn more. And, we offer energizing and inspiring Jetti Walking classes led by certified coaches via the Jetti Fit app!

What if I need a custom size?

If your height is shorter than 5’0'' or taller than 6’2” we can make a Jetti Poles size perfect for you. Email and let us know your height and we will send you a link to place your custom order. There is no additional cost for custom size, though it may take an extra 1-2 days for your order to ship.

Where can I use my Jetti Poles?

They are meant for fitness on roads and paths and will not be good
company on a 5-mile hike up the side of a mountain or down an icy road.
Remember, these are not trekking poles, they are totally unique,
patent-pending fitness poles.

Are Jetti Poles adjustable/foldable?

No, Jetti Poles are not adjustable and do not bend or fold. They do come
with a carrying case to make getting around with your Jetti Poles very
easy, though!

How are Jetti Poles different than hiking poles or trekking poles?

Jetti Poles are revolutionizing fitness and are completely different than old-school hiking poles.

deliver a total body workout, integrating multiple components of
fitness including cardiovascular, strength, coordination and
flexibility, delivering more energy and a positive mental lift with
every Jetti Walk taken. Here are a few of the key components:

1. Jetti Poles have a middle grip to enable a variety of functional movements to work more of your body.

Jetti Poles weigh just over 1 pound each to provide just the right
amount of effort to swing them and burn more calories. Hiking poles are
designed to be as light as possible and don't create this effect.

Jetti Poles have grips at both ends to allow even more exercises, and
enable users to go quickly from exercise to walking and back again.

Jetti Poles don't have straps. This will strengthen your grip, and
allow you to move seamlessly from walking to workout mode.

Jetti Poles come with fun and engaging classes via our app that walk you
through calorie blasting walks that are fun and functional.

Is there a weight limit for using Jetti Poles?

Nope! Jetti Poles are quite sturdy and designed to give you added support and stability. Of course, we always suggest consulting your doctor or health care provider before starting any new fitness program or using any new fitness equipment as they can best advise you on what's best for you. 

How should I care for my Jetti Poles?

Jetti Poles are made from durable PVC and rubber components that can be simply wiped down with a wet cloth to clean. Please DO NOT leave your Jetti Poles in hot cars or in front of windows with direct sunlight as intense heat can cause them to warp. Additionally, dragging the feet of the poles across rough surfaces can cause the feet to wear improperly.

Jetti Packs

How much does a Jetti Pack weigh?

The Jetti Pack is thoughtfully weighted at 7 lbs, the perfect weight to build strength and burn more calories, without being a burden. Want more? Add more plates at 6lbs each to up the challenge.

What sizes are available?

Jetti Packs are one-size fits most. The waist strap adjusts from 29 to 50 inches.

How do I adjust the pack/straps?

Take a look at THIS VIDEOfor a complete tutorial on how to properly fit the Jetti Pack to you.

I can’t make the chest strap tight. What do I do?

That’s fine! The chest strap is designed to keep the shoulder straps from sliding down, so as long as it is secure, that should do the trick.

Can I adjust the height of the chest strap?

You sure can! Because some like to wear their chest strap higher or lower than others, the positioning of the strap can be adjusted. Check out THIS VIDEO to learn how.

How far should I walk with my Jetti Pack?

That depends on your level of fitness and strength. Always start slowly, but we recommend a walk that is no more than 50% of your typical walk. For example, if you normally walk 1 mile, start off walking half a mile while wearing your Jetti Pack. You can build slowly from there.

Can men wear Jetti Packs?

Absolutely! While the unique design features of Jetti Packs took women’s shapes into account, they are suitable for most men, too!

Is a Jetti Pack the same as a weight vest?

No. While a weight vest can add resistance, they don’t typically have the same posture-adjusting features/elements of a Jetti Pack because some of the weight is on your front. We’ve also found, for many women, weight vests can be pretty uncomfortable.

How do I clean my Jetti Pack?

Hand wash using mild soap and cold water. We do not recommend putting your Jetti Pack in the washing machine.

What are Jetti Packs made of?

Jetti Packs are constructed of 500D (that’s the thickness and tightness of the weave for added durability) Cordura nylon. This material is easy to clean, resists abrasions, and is highly water, mold and mildew resistant.

Can I just use a backpack and add weight?

Yup, provided the fit is correct. But most backpacks are going to ride too low and any weight you put in it will typically sink to the bottom of the bag, moving the center of gravity to your lower back, which can create an unbalanced strain. Moreover, most backpacks will lack proper straps and padding. So while you can use any backpack to add load to your walk, Jetti Packs are better ‘cause they are made to fit securely and place the load right where you want it.


Can Jetti Light batteries be replaced?

Yes! The Jetti Lights come with two CR2032 button batteries that can be replaced as needed. To replace the batteries, slide the silcone cover off the light, remove the battery cover and change the battery. Secure the battery door and silicone cover.

Shipping, Returns, & Other Questions

Do you ship outside of the United States?

At this time, we do not ship outside of the United States due to excessive shipping costs.

How long is the shipping time?

We ship within 2-3 business days of an order arriving, and then depending on where you live in the country, it could take another 5-7 business days for your order to reach you. We ship from Long Island, NY, most often with UPS.

What if I only have a PO Box?

Check with your local shipping centers such as office supply stores and UPS locations to see about about using their package services. Most locations will offer use of their store address as a delivery address for you to pick your package up! Once you have that info, you will just use that address as your shipping address, making sure to put YOUR NAME as the recipient.

What is your return policy?

We want you to be happy with any product you purchase from Jetti Fitness.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return or exchange your Jetti Fitness poles and accessories that are unused and in like-new condition within 10 days of your receipt (Jetti Poles and Jetti Pack subject to a $10 return shipping fee deducted from refund when applicable.) Headbands and Socks must be in original packaging and unused to receive a full refund.

In the unlikely event that a product is defective or you were sent an incorrect item, you will not be charged for return shipping.

CLICK HERE to start your return or exchange. If you have any questions you can email