6 Ways Jetti Poles Help You Walk Smarter Without Working Harder

6 Ways Jetti Poles Help You Walk Smarter Without Working Harder

So you’ve been on a walk (or 99) and, sure, it feels great. The sun on your face, the wind in your hair, the calmness of your mind. Time to let out that collective ahhhhh. Could it really get any better? Why yes, yes it can. Get ready to find that mind-blown emoji, because you’re gonna need it once we tell you how.

Ready? Here it is. Add Jetti Poles to your walk. 

Really. It’s that simple. We can see you over there scratching your head wondering how carrying two walking poles with you on your walk can really make what’s already great even better. Let us explain. It’s the power of walking smarter without the feeling of working harder. And here’s how Jetti Poles make that happen:

  1. Small Repetitive Movements: Weighing in at just over one pound each, Jetti Poles gives you a little extra to lift, though not so much to wear you down. Lifting small amounts of weight over and over really adds up, in fact, at the end of a 1-mile walk, you can proudly boast that you’ve lifted 2000 pounds! You can read more about that here.

  2. A Gentle, but Effective, Squeeze: Jetti Poles have a sturdy, but soft, foam grip for you to comfortably wrap your hands around while walking. Strengthening your grip is important for being able to perform essential tasks independently as we age, and it even has an impact on health and longevity! Wanna learn more? Click here.

  3. All the Muscles are Invited: It’s gonna be a real party because your legs won’t be having all the fun. Jetti Poles engage your upper body, so you’ll be transforming your walk into a total-body workout. Your back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, forearms and core will be the new party guests on your Jetti Walk! Wanna raise the roof in celebration? We won’t stop you from taking your Jetti Poles overhead for even more muscle engagement. Check out the Jetti 9 here for more exercises you can do with your Jetti Poles.

  4. Settle in and Glide: As you swing your poles, either one at a time or together, and let them softly kiss the ground on each forward pass, you’ll propel your body helping you walk faster. And the kicker here is that you won’t even notice it until you find yourself adding an extra loop around the block to get your 30 minutes of exercise in for the day.

  5. Everything’s in Sync: If coordination or balance is your nemesis, walking with your Jetti Poles can help you feel more in control. Working several muscle groups at one time trains your body to move the way it was meant to move, keeping your balance in check and giving you more confidence with functional movements you encounter day-to-day.

  6. Walk Further, Get Better: Know what happens when you don’t realize how much faster you’re going? You build muscular and cardiovascular endurance enabling you to go the distance, plus some. While you’re at it, you’ll be burning even more calories, since Jetti Walking is laboratory-tested to burn up to 55.6% more calories than regular walking. You can see what happened when we took Jetti Poles to the lab here.

By adding a pair of new friends to take with you on your next walk, you’ll be walking smarter without feeling like you’ve been working harder. Of course, you will actually be working harder, but the beauty of Jetti Poles is that there will be little perceived added exertion. 🤯

We call that a win-win.


Join thousands of people who are transforming their walk into a full-body workout with Jetti Fitness! They're burning more calories, building muscle, improving their posture, increasing stability and balance with the use of Jetti Poles and the Jetti Pack. Click here to learn more!

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