How You Can Move 2000 Pounds

How You Can Move 2000 Pounds

Ever see those videos of someone standing on a track with a towing strap around their waist, the other end tied to a 2000 pound car? They look like they’ve spent years in the gym, lifting heavy weight over and over until they can no longer find shirts that fit their arms. Sure, they’re strong, but would you believe us if we said you, too, could move 2000 pounds?

Before you double over in laughter, hear us out. Better yet, grab a set of Jetti Poles and get to walking. Let’s break this down. The average person takes 2000 steps for each mile that they walk. Pair walking that mile with Jetti Poles, weighing in at just over one pound each, and you have moved a literal ton—that’s 2000 pounds—of weight for every mile you walk! That’s the weight of a black rhinoceros, the Liberty Bell, and even a VW Bug! No tow strap needed.

The beauty of walking with Jetti Poles is that they allow you to walk faster and further with little perceived added exertion. So even though you are moving a ton of weight with every mile, it won’t feel like it. 

With every step, you get stronger. How? Lifting lighter weights for an extended period of time helps build muscular strength and endurance. And it’s not only your arms getting stronger. By bringing your Jetti Poles on a walk, you activate your back, shoulders, bicep, triceps and core, engaging pretty much your whole body. Talk about a full-body workout!

So next time you hear Ty Pennington yell “Move that bus,” just flash him a grin and get to walking with your Jetti Poles. You’ve got this!

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