The Jetti Pack


Jetti Pack: a fully-adjustable weighted pack designed especially for women. 

Walk and get stronger with every step.

Now available in two amazing colors: Reach for the Sky Blue and Strong as Steel Gray.

Woman wearing gray Jetti Pack for women rucking

Why You'll Love It:

  • Increased Caloric Burn: Get fit faster 'cause weighted walking burns more calories. 
  • Improved Posture: Stand up straighter as your Jetti Pack aligns your shoulders up and back.
  • Enhanced Core Activation: Say hello to the deep core muscles as your Jetti Pack strengthens muscles you've never even heard of.
  • Stronger Muscles: Watch as your Jetti Pack adds strength training to your walk.
  • Stronger Bones: That's right, weighted walking can increase bone strength.
  • Better Cardio: Your heart rate will get higher increasing overall fitness.

Customized Fit For Your Comfort

Adjust the shoulder straps, chest strap and waist belt to your size.

Made to Breathe

Padded straps and back pads designed for comfort and breathablity.

Jetti Packs In Action

Have questions about the Jetti Pack? WE have answers!

Jetti Pack F.A.Q.s

What are the benefits of Jetti Packing?

There are five key benefits of walking with a Jetti Pack:

  1. Improved posture and balance: walking with a Jetti Pack can improve your posture and balance as you engage core muscles to maintain stability.
  2. Strengthened muscles: The added weight adds challenge for your legs, back, core and more, helping you get stronger with every step.
  3. Improved cardiovascular fitness: The additional weight of your Jetti Pack enhances your cardiovascular workout.
  4. Increased calorie burn: more weight means more effort, and more effort means more calories expended with every walk.
  5. Versatility: Jetti Pack enables you to take your workout into the great outdoors and reap all of the benefits of being in nature.

How much does a Jetti Pack weigh?

The Jetti Pack is thoughtfully weighted at 7 lbs, the perfect weight to build strength and burn more calories, without being a burden. Want more? Add more plates at 6lbs each to up the challenge.

What sizes are available?

Jetti Packs are one-size fits most. The waist strap adjusts from 29 to 50 inches.

How do I adjust the pack/straps?

Take a look at THIS VIDEO for a complete tutorial on how to properly fit the Jetti Pack to you.

I can’t make the chest strap tight. What do I do?

That’s fine! The chest strap is designed to keep the shoulder straps from sliding down, so as long as it is secure, that should do the trick.

Can I adjust the height of the chest strap?

You sure can! Because some like to wear their chest strap higher or lower than others, the positioning of the strap can be adjusted. Check out THIS VIDEO to learn how.

How far should I walk with my Jetti Pack?

That depends on your level of fitness and strength. Always start slowly, but we recommend a walk that is no more than 50% of your typical walk. For example, if you normally walk 1 mile, start off walking half a mile while wearing your Jetti Pack.You can build slowly from there.

Can men wear Jetti Packs?

Absolutely, Eric wears his all the time! While the unique design features of Jetti Packs took women’s shapes into account, they are suitable for most men, too!

Is a Jetti Pack the same as a weight vest?

No. While a weight vest can add resistance, they don’t typically have the same posture-adjusting features/elements of a Jetti Pack because some of the weight is on your front. We’ve also found, for many women, weight vests can be pretty uncomfortable.

How do I clean my Jetti Pack?

Hand wash using mild soap and cold water. We do not recommend putting your Jetti Pack in the washing machine.

What are Jetti Packs made of?

Jetti Packs are constructed of 500D (that’s the thickness and tightness of the weave for added durability) Cordura nylon. This material is easy to clean, resists abrasions, and is highly water, mold and mildew resistant.

Can I just use a backpack and add weight?

Yup, provided the fit is correct. But most backpacks are going to ride too low and any weight you put in it will typically sink to the bottom of the bag, moving the center of gravity to your lower back, which can create an unbalanced strain. Moreover, most backpacks will lack proper straps and padding. So while you can use any backpack to add load to your walk, Jetti Packs are better ‘cause they are made to fit securely and place the load right where you want it.