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Jetti Pole & Grip Strengthener Bundle

Jetti Pole & Grip Strengthener Bundle

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This Power Bundle is all about leveling up your walking and improving your grip strength.

Level up your walking with Jetti Poles:

  • The opportunity to engage your entire body, burn 55% more calories, get fit faster, and have a whole lot of fun with every Jetti walk. 

  • Specially designed middle and end grips enable dozens of upper and lower body exercises.

  • Equally-weighted tops and bottoms to facilitate the performance of balanced, functional movement.
  • Grippy, rounded rubber feet for solid traction on roads and paths.
  • Three sizes for the perfect fit (custom sizes available on request).


Improve your grip with Jetti Grip Strengtheners:

  • Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand

  • High-quality silicone feels good in your hands

  • Two strengtheners, two resistance levels in each pack


This Bundle contains TWO poles, a Carrying Bag,  and Two Jetti Grip Strengtheners

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