Jetti Pole Names We Love

Jetti Pole Names We Love

Jetti Poles wink at you from the corner of the room and motivate you to get moving. They accompany you on your walks, simultaneously challenging you to work harder and providing the stability that enables you to do so. They become so personal that it’s no wonder that many people have named them. 

We recently asked the Jetti Crew, “What have you named your Jetti Poles and why?” Here are some of the responses we received.


"Gracie and Lucy after my granddaughters. They are 3 years and 11 months old and so full of life and that’s how I feel after my Jetti walk – full of life." —Patti R.

"Dwyn & Val, short for Dwynwen & Valentine, two of my favorite saints who are the saints of relationships." —Michelle F.

"Faith and Hope because they have helped me get through a long recovery after being hit by a car." —Jane C.

"Jetti and Jane – Jetti has the “Jetti” sticker, and Jane because I was listening to Jane Eyre when I started walking with them." —Elizabeth G.

"The 'girls.'” —Veronica E.

"Kukla and Olie. Old school." —Sharon M.

"Tweety & Woodstock on some days, Sunshine & Buttercup on others. Needless to say, they are yellow. I named my husband’s blue ones Huff & Puff, since I told him that is what he would be doing all the time if he did not get up from that video game he is so obsessed with!!!" —Marsha P.

"Jake and Elwood...The Blues Brothers. My Jetti Poles are blue and help me Shake My Tail Feathers down the trail." —Tracie M.

"Click & Clack just like they sound!" —Jami K.

"Lucy and Ethel. They are always getting into mischief and always having fun." —Chris R.

"There's a man who is blind who walks where I do sometimes. He calls his stick Seymour. So I call mine Be More and Extreme." —Edell W.

"Bert & Bob after very good friends who passed away this past year." —Harriett B.

"South 1 and South 2. Honoring my husband’s 2 trips to Antarctica as the USAF Commander of Operation Deep Freeze. Just imagining how far “these poles” can take me!" —Linda M.

"Kare and BearI never had a nickname and it seemed everyone else did. One of my wonderful nephews nicknamed me Kare Bear and he continues to call me that to this day. It brings me joy!! And who doesn’t love those cute Care Bear characters?" —Karen U.

"Knit and Purl…..because I’m a knitter as well as a Walker." —Linda B.

"Ruth and Naomi from the Biblical story. Where you go, I will go." —Sue C.

"Karrigan and Kyzik. Those are the names of my kids and my whys for trying to stay healthy. I adopted them as a single mother and because I am their only parent, I need to be around for them." —Misty S.

"Luke and Leia because they are Jetti poles. They remind me of Jedi and lightsabers." —Lynn F.

"Rock and RollWalking to the beat." —Jackie M.

"I call my Jetti Poles “Zombie Clearers”, or ”ZCs” for short. From my very first walk with them until this morning's walk, my pink ZCs have kept zombies out of our neighborhood. There has not been one single zombie spotting since I received my Pink Jetti Poles. Sometimes when I walk, I practice Zombie scaring moves. They are similar to ninja moves, except not as coordinated. In case of a zombie apocalypse, I am grabbing my ZCs and keeping our neighborhood safe, while getting in a healthy walk." —Joyce R.


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