Introducing the Jetti Dog Leash

Introducing the Jetti Dog Leash

Transform Your Daily Dog Walk into a Workout

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, and there are many mind and body benefits of having a dog; now there’s a way to pair the two together for even more bang for your dog walking buck. Introducing the Jetti Dog Leash, the perfect complement to your Jetti Pack, a fully adjustable weighted pack designed especially to bring the power of rucking to all.

This dynamic duo elevates your walking practice by burning more calories, building stronger muscles, and improving your posture, balance, and cardiovascular fitness all while walking your dog hands-free.

Woman walking with Jetti Pack and Jetti Dog Leash with small white dog

Precisely designed, Jetti Dog Leashes affix easily to the belt of the Jetti Pack and boast five important features:

  • Four-Feet Long: the perfect length to keep Rover by your side;
  • Built-In Bungee: reduces the jolt when Rover wanders;
  • Traffic Handle: for moments when you need to keep Rover close;
  • Clip Leash to Pack: for times when Rover is safe off-leash, a built in clip enables you to affix the Jetti leash to your Jetti Pack; and
  • Additional clip for Poop Bags: ‘cause, well, poop happens.

Without a leash in your hands, you’ll be able to maintain your natural arm swing and keep your gait more symmetrical, maximizing the brain-strengthening cross-crawl impact of your walk.

Now you and your well-behaved dog aren’t the only perfect pair around. Add a Jetti Dog Leash to your Jetti Pack, or if you’re new to the Jetti Fitness program, bundle a Jetti Pack and Jetti Dog Leash together and transform your dog walk into a workout for both you and your pup.

Jetti Dog Leash plus Jetti Pack equals walking your dog hands-free
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