9 Tips for Walking In the Heat

9 Tips for Walking In the Heat

We don't need to tell you it's hot outside. Your sizzling cooling bill at the end of each month is a sufficient enough reminder. But, we can tell you that there are ways to keep up with your walking practice, no matter the weather. Here are nine ways to keep you cool while walking in the heat:

  1. Take a morning or evening stroll. If you’re heading outside for your walk, the best time to go is before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. Not only are the temperatures going to be more favorable, but the sun’s rays will be less harsh and damaging to your skin. If it’s dark out, consider grabbing a friend, a flashlight, and reflective gear to stay safe on your walk.

  2. Wear a hat. Not only does a hat protect you from the sun, but it also provides cooling shade. A wide brim hat that covers not only your face but also the back of your neck and ears is best, but a baseball cap can help keep sun off your face, too. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your ears and neck if you reach for a ball cap.

  3. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. As the temperatures climb and you become more active, the amount of water your body needs also increases. Make sure you hydrate well before and after any outdoor activity or when walking in the heat. A dehydrated body can result in irritability, headache, dizziness, fainting, low blood pressure, and an increase in heart rate.

  4. Find a shady spot or create your own shade. Tree-lined and wooded pathways are a great option during the summer heat as the leafy trees often keep your path nicely shaded, so if you have a greenway near you, head that way. If not, an umbrella or hat will also provide some cooling cover, or find a tree along your way to duck under for some short-term relief.

  5. Take a walk in the rain. You can read why walking in the rain is good for you here, but it’s also a good way to stay cool. So if one of those summer showers brings the clouds, head on out for a welcome relief from the heat. Just make sure to take cover if there is thunder and lightning, and be back before the sun comes out and the humidity skyrockets to steam shower status.

  6. The right clothing is key! Moisture is not our friend. Swap cotton for breathable, synthetic fabrics that will whisk away the moisture, helping keep your skin dry and protected from chafing. Wearing ultraviolet-protective clothing (UPF) also provides a shielding layer against the sun. And, no, your typical cotton t-shirt isn’t enough, especially when it gets wet.

  7. Consider a walking sandal. Sure, the best shoe for a walk is a good quality sneaker, but sometimes, you just gotta air out your feet and throw on a sandal. And if you’re wanting to feel the breeze on your toes and keep the sweat at bay while also on a walk, well, it just might be time to invest in a good walking sandal. Just don’t forget your feet when you’re applying sunscreen! 

  8. Shorten your steps: Yeah, we all have goals, but we have to be realistic about what’s possible within our surroundings. If walking in the heat has you beat, it may be time to rethink the distance you set out to conquer and limit the time outside. Take two 15-minute walks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, instead of one 30-minute walk.

  9. Take it indoors. A walk in nature is great, but in the soaring heat, it can be daunting. If heading outside isn’t possible, clear a path and take a walk in your house (the Jetti app has a slew of options from core, yoga, barre, mobility, and cardio), or head to a mall or museum to get in your steps. 

Changing things up when the weather isn't cooperating can help keep you active and reaching your goals. And not to worry, summer heat just means that fall is right around the corner, and coming with it are cooler temperatures. Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes. We probably don't need to remind you about that, either.


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