6 Reasons Women Should Ruck

6 Reasons Women Should Ruck

Rucking is having a moment. A long-time staple of military training, “rucking” is walking while carrying a load. Despite its simplicity, it is an incredibly effective form of exercise. While rucking is good for all, here are six reasons why women should ruck.

  1. Rucking builds strength. Sad but true: if we don’t actively work on it, we begin to lose muscle as early as our 30s. Rucking is a powerful, low-impact way to build strength in our legs, hips, back and more.

  2. Rucking activates your core and improves your posture. We all want—and need—a strong, stable core. And many of us are spending way too much time hunched over our computers, staring down at our phones or lounging on the couch. Rucking activates those deep core muscles and helps to realign our posture.

  3. Rucking is good for bone health. As women, keeping our bones strong is paramount. Walking is good. Rucking is better.

  4. Rucking increases caloric burn. More weight, more energy expended! So why not crush more calories with every walk?

  5. Rucking improves your cardiovascular and heart health. Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in this country? Rucking challenges your heart and improves your cardiovascular system. Yup, once again, walking is good, rucking is better.

  6. Rucking is easily done with friends. You probably don’t need research to prove it, but there is research to prove it: we are more likely to stick to an exercise program when we do it with friends. Rucking is the perfect way to add a bigger challenge to walks with your girlfriends. Or your dogs!

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