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Jetti Poles

Jetti Poles

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Jetti Poles Are Smart Walking So You Burn 56% More Calories With Every Step.


  • Build strength in your arms & shoulders.
  • Maintain good solid posture.
  • Actually make walking seem like less effort (even though you are burning more energy).
  • Balance and stability
  • Turn a walk into a full-body workout. 

With each order, you get TWO poles and a carrying bag.

Whether you are walking for wellness, walking for weight loss, or walking for fun, Jetti Poles will level up your wellness walking practice.

Each pole weighs 1.1 lbs, about twice as much as a regular hiking pole. Perfectly weighted to add results without adding stress on joints.

Color options are available in limited quantities. 

Are you shorter than 5' or taller than 6'2" and looking for Jetti Poles to fit you? Reach out to to order your custom poles today!


Take it to the next level with our Jetti Fit companion app. World-class trainers will guide you through learning to use your poles and creating the perfect workout to enhance your fitness routine. All classes are on-demand with new classes added weekly, when and where you want.

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