JIT Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the Jetti Instructor Training program? We've got answers!

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How do I become a Jetti Instructor

Step one: Register for an upcoming training on
a date and time that works for you, which you can do here. (It’s easy
and just takes a few minutes, promise!) Once you’ve registered, we’ll
send you all the info you need, and as soon as your training is
completed you’ll be an official Certified Jetti Instructor, secret Jetti
handshake and all! (Ok, there’s no secret handshake, but there totally
should be.)

Do I need Jetti Poles to take an Instructor Training course?

No. But yes. You could do the course
without, but we don’t think you’ll want to. Mostly from FOMO of seeing
others use their Jetti Poles during training. Jetti Instructor Training
is highly interactive and we want you to learn through movement as we
break down the steps of Jetti Walking and teach you to integrate a
variety of exercises into your practice and your classes! 

If you
don’t have your Jetti Poles yet, you’ll have the option to order a pair
along with your Instructor Training registration here.

How long is my certification valid?

Your certification is good for one year from completion of the
Fundamentals course, To keep your certification active, you’ll need to
take a one-hour refresher course to learn all that’s new, and to stay
current on all things Jetti.

What if I've never led walks or a fitness class before?

We got you! Jetti Fitness is the perfect way to get started. You can
begin by simply leading neighborhood Jetti Walks and expand your class
offerings as your expertise, experience and confidence grows. Our Jetti
Master Trainers will be with you every step of the way!

I'm already a fitness pro. Will this work for me?

Absolutely! Jetti Fitness gives you the
opportunity to introduce something new, unique and effective to your
clients. Take the power of Jetti Walking, infuse it with community and
connection, and what you get is a magic that keeps clients engaged and
coming back. Moving outside or bringing Jetti into your studio…the
freedom is yours to make this everything you never knew you needed in
your class line-up!

Plus, if you start now, you have the
opportunity to be one of the very first to introduce this patent-pending
fitness modality to your community.

How do I access my training materials once registered?

Good old-fashioned email. After registering, you’ll receive an email
with a link to your training manual and all the things. Now, we get it.
You’re excited and want to get ahead! You’re encouraged to snoop around!
Check out Jetti Fitness on YouTube
and @JettiFit on Instagram to see what we are all about and learn more
about the #JettiRevolution that you are becoming a part of!

I'm attending the virtual training. What do I need to know for the day of?

Yay! We are so excited! Here are a few things to know:

be sent a link to attend via the Zoom meeting platform. (We actually
send it a few times, so don’t worry about missing it!)

•Find a
comfortable, quiet space that allows you room to get up and move with
us. (And yes, your living room or bedroom is totally fine!)

•Prepare yourself with beverages and snacks to help you power through. (Get your fave water bottle ready!)

to have your screen on so we can see your smiling face. Also, this is
an interactive training session, so it is important we can see you
rocking those Jetti Poles. (And no need to get all dolled up. Hair and
makeup are not required. This is fitness training, so you do you!)

•There will be a small break about halfway through the session. (‘Cause we all need a bathroom break!)

will be taking attendance at the beginning and at the end of the
training, so be sure to stay until the end! (Yep, we’re like that
annoying college professor but we promise we’re way more fun!)

What if I need to change my workshop date?

Life happens. We get it. If you need to change your training date, please contact jamie@jettifit.com. You will have 12 months to complete your training by attending any upcoming session from your initial purchase date

What is your cancellation policy?

As long as you cancel at least 48 hours in advance of a virtual
training, or seven days in advance of an in-person training, we will
issue you a full refund. If you cancel after those deadlines, you will
be given one calendar year to hop into any other Jetti Instructor
Training (provided space is available) to complete your certification.

Do I need to supply Jetti Poles for the classes that I lead?

The short answer: No!  

Just like
participants often bring their own yoga mats or boxing gloves to their
group exercise classes, the same is true for Jetti Poles. Poles are
personal, so much so that their owners have been naming their pairs
since the first set was sold. Lucy & Ethel, Rise & Shine, Sweat
& Sparkle, and so many more!  

If you wish to supply poles for
your participants or have a few sets on hand for those first timers
trying out your class, you’ll have the chance to order a “coaches
bundle” at a deep discount.

What is the JettSetter Program?

As a Certified Instructor, you’ll be invited to join our JettSetters Affiliate program,
opening up the opportunity for you to earn commission on each pair of
poles sold through your unique link. This gives you an additional way to
grow your business and set you on the road to Jetti success!