Take your crew out exploring, exercising, and having FUN with their walking based workout.  Jetti walking can burn up to 56% more calories AND the fitness poles allow you to bring your class through total body functional movement exercises along the way. It’s group walking with a twist of circuit training mixed in!

Meet the Lehigh Valley Jetti Walking Group

Jetti Leader Michelle F. has taken Jetti Walking to the next level with her senior walking group. She combines group walking with Jetti Poles and Jetti Packs to provide connection while promoting more movement.

"I see a huge difference in the speed and strength of the walk on these men and women! It’s amazing! They walked taller, they’re stronger, and their balance is much better! And overall, I believe they’re happier people! One woman has a hearing disability and she told me that she was never ever able to get the endorphin high off of any form of exercise, but she gets it every time we go for a Jetti walk!"

-Michelle F. , Leader of the Lehigh Valley Community Group

Meet John

John, a Parkinson’s Patient, started Jetti walking with Michelle.

He believes wholeheartedly that Jetti Poles are helping him!

Strength in Community

Group walking with Jetti Poles and Jetti Packs creates community and promotes movement to the aging seniors who need both.

Fun and Fitness

Something good here.

Create Your Community Today

Community leaders receive:

  • 25% discount off of group Jetti Pole purchase (12 pairs minimum investment)
  • Affiliate code
  • Free Jetti Instructor training program for your team
  • Opportunity to be featured (can we do this somehow)( we could do blogs similar to how we did member spotlights on 99 Walks forever ago)