What’s in a Color? How to Choose Your Perfect Jetti Pole Color

What’s in a Color? How to Choose Your Perfect Jetti Pole Color

What’s in a color? A lot actually. Colors can be a form of communication. They can trigger emotions and feelings. They can make you hungry, calm, happy, and passionate. They can motivate you, inspire you, and even energize you. And because a ton of intention goes into Jetti Pole colors, each color has a meaning. How do you choose which Jetti Pole color is right for you? There’s no right or wrong answer, but when you hear what each color represents, you can choose the color and message that speaks to you. 

Reach for the Sky Blue

Our original Jetti Pole color, Reach for the Sky Blue, is a reflection of your commitment and determination towards transforming your fitness lifestyle in the best way possible. It represents your strength and your bond with your body.

Reach for the Sky Blue isn't just a shade of blue; it represents all of your journeys, your experiences and your dreams. And, most importantly, your limitless potential.

The color blue itself symbolizes calmness and responsibility, and as you move across the spectrum of hues, strength and reliability. Reach for the Sky Blue Jetti Poles are a commitment to yourself. To find that inner strength to make your way through the hills and valleys. And when you see your reflection, get ready to see a self filled with so much possibility and all of potential to realize your dreams.

Get Up & Glow Yellow

Get ready to shine with Get Up & Glow Yellow Jetti Poles. From the moment you reach for them, you’ll discover your inner boldness, confidence, and power; truly illuminating your path to better health and wellness—both mentally and physically.

So, don’t be surprised if your smile shines a little brighter, lasts a little longer, and spreads a little wider. It’s because you’ve gotten up, started moving, and, if you really give it your best go, you’ll probably start to see that glow. (We call that the Jetti Glow!)

What is it about yellow? Full of energy, happiness and optimism, the color yellow is known to make you smile. It fuels creativity, stimulates your mind, and warms your soul. You might choose Get Up & Glow Yellow if warmth and happiness beams from inside. If you like to make a statement and show the world you are doing what you can to better yourself. If sharing light and positivity with others makes you tick. 

Walk It Like It’s Hot Pink

Strutting with confidence with a rhythm all your own? Often find yourself with a spark in your step? Then Walk it Like It’s Hot Pink Jetti Poles might be the color for you. 

This vibrant color will be your best companion when your spirit needs a lift, and when your feet are twitching to go explore. When you need to feel the burn at the barre, and when your body is calling for a good stretch. When you’re looking to kick it into high-gear, and when you’re ready to drop it (like it’s hot) into a lunge or squat. 

Hot pink is playful and social. It’s unapologetic and full of whimsy. If you have a joy for life and you like to show it, Walk It Like It’s Hot Pink Jetti Poles may be your best choice. That’s right, let the neighbors talk as they watch you strut by. We know you can’t help it and we’re totally here for it!


So what’s the right Jetti Pole color for you? The choice is yours. And, nah, we won’t tell if you need all three to fit your mood.

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