Strong As Steel Gray

Strong As Steel Gray

Sure, you can lift heavy things. You can open that finicky pickle jar. You can fireman carry a screaming toddler while lugging a handful of grocery bags. You can haul out the holly from the top shelves when it comes time to decorate for the holidays. Yep, on the outside, you’re strong. But, dare we say, your strength starts on the inside?

Like steel is used as an essential component of construction, your inner strength is what holds you up through thick and thin. It’s what fuels your confidence and motivation when your commitment is lacking. It’s what helps you see the bigger picture and the brightest stars and reminds you to celebrate even the smallest wins. It’s what grounds you and gives you a solid foundation.

And, it’s why we are calling our newest Jetti Pole color Strong as Steel Gray, because the moment you wrap your hands around the grips, your strength will be intensified. You’ll find the fortitude to lunge a little deeper, squat a little lower, and walk a little farther. You’ll be empowered to stand a little taller, and have the courage to go after your goals. With Strong as Steel Gray Jetti Poles, you’ll be ready to take your fitness to the next level, and with that, your body, mind, and mood will become stronger.

Your inner and outer strength cannot be denied, and Strong as Steel Gray Jetti Poles epitomize that strength. So, go ahead, be a force of nature and join the Jetti community who, together, are becoming strong as steel. 

And, remember that stubborn pickle jar? Well, it’s no coincidence that after walking regularly with your Strong as Steel Gray Jetti Poles, the fight to open that jar will be a thing of the past. Jetti Poles for the win!

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