Reach for the Sky Blue

Reach for the Sky Blue

We spent a lot of time searching for the perfect color for Jetti Poles.

The color had to represent their potential - their limitless possibilities – and it seemed unfair to settle for something typical … like blue or turquoise or teal.

It had to be about YOU.

It had to reflect your commitment, your determination towards transforming your fitness lifestyle in the best way possible.

It had to represent your strength and your bond with your body.

It had to empower your fitness journey and inspire you to crush your goals.

Meet Reach for the Sky Blue, a unique color that puts in motion a walking revolution; that charts the course for an entirely new fitness future that puts YOU first.

Reach for the Sky Blue is all about YOU. 

Reach for the Sky Blue isn't just a shade of blue: it represents all of your journeys, your experiences and your dreams. 

And, most importantly, your limitless potential.

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