Need a Quick Workout? Grab a Jetti Snack!

Need a Quick Workout? Grab a Jetti Snack!

5-Minute Exercise Classes to Get Your Heart Pumping

Pressed for time, but still want to get in the recommended 20-30 minutes of physical activity a day? Jetti Fitness now offers Jetti Snacks, five-minute Jetti classes to get you up and moving. “Every minute and every mile matters, and there are tremendous benefits to adding incremental movement to your day," says Jetti Fitness Co-Founder, Joyce Shulman. In fact, research shows that some of the biggest benefits for health and longevity come to those who move from very little activity, or being largely sedentary, to even some moderate movement.

Available in your Jetti Fit app, you’ll find coach-led bursts of exercise, starting with the first series, Strong Bodies, led by Coach Carrie, which focuses on three different workouts each challenging either your core, legs, or upper body.

Want more options?

Along with coach-led Jetti Snack workouts, you can grab a quick snack doing any of the following heart-pumping exercises:

  1. Walk it out. A quick walk around the block or even the perimeter of a building is a great way to get in some quick cardio and refresh your mind. Jetti Poles or a Jetti Pack will get your heart rate up even faster!
  2. Dance it out. Have a favorite song come on the radio? Don’t just sing it out, get up and dance! You can even grab Jetti Poles and have your own private kickline!
  3. Jump it out. Jumping jacks are a great way to get your body moving, and you can do it with little space required. Impact an issue? No problem, just step it out one leg at a time. 
  4. Swim it out. Use this movement to work your back, chest and shoulders as you flow through big circle patterns, both forward and backwards. See it in action with Jetti Poles here.
  5. Squat it out. Challenge your glutes, quads and hip flexor muscles with a variety of squats. From traditional to sumo squats, you’re sure to fire up your legs in no time. Grab a set of Jetti Poles for help with your balance.
  6. Lunge it out. Another great way to target your glutes, quads and hamstrings is by doing lunges, either stationary or walking. Use Jetti Poles to give you some extra support and allow you to really extend the depth of your movement.
  7. Plank it out. Whether you do an extended arm or forearm plank, holding a plank can really fire up your core muscles. Hold it for as long as possible, take a breather, and then flip over for some traditional crunches. We love to hold onto Jetti Poles while doing crunches to keep our core super-engaged!
  8. Climb it out. Walking inclines can really get your heart pumping, so if you have a hill or flight of stairs nearby, give it a climb a time or two! When climbing a hill, your Jetti Poles will give you that extra power and stability to climb safely.
  9. Stretch it out. Have some favorite yoga poses? Try moving through them in a fluid motion to stretch out your body and calm your spirit. Here’s a way to do it with Jetti Poles!

Short bursts of activity throughout your day adds up and may be just as beneficial as longer blocks of activity according to this study. Challenge yourself each hour to get up and move for five minutes and see for yourself what a difference a little Jetti Snack can make in your day—mind, mood and body!

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