Meet the Jetti Pack: Get Stronger with Every Step

Meet the Jetti Pack: Get Stronger with Every Step

We get giddy just thinking about all of the benefits that come from taking a walk. Everything from improving your focus, reducing your stress, connecting with loved ones, lowering your blood pressure, aiding digestion, burning calories, and making you all-around happier. The list literally goes on and on! As great as simply lacing up your shoes and heading outside, around here, we’re always looking for a way to level it up. A way to make walking even better for you. 

And we’ve done it again.

Meet the Jetti Pack: Fully-adjustable weighted packs designed especially for women. Its unique design includes custom, curved shoulder straps and an adjustable chest strap to better account for a woman’s figure, a comfortable padded waist belt, and a weight range from 7 lbs to 30 lbs.

Jetti Packs pack a punch when it comes to elevating your walking practice. Wear one and you’ll experience five key benefits:

  1. Improved posture and balance. Walking with a Jetti Pack can improve your posture and balance as you engage core muscles to maintain stability. 

  2. Strengthened muscles. The added weight adds challenge for your legs, back, core and more, helping you get stronger with every step.

  3. Improved cardiovascular fitness. The additional weight of your Jetti Pack gets your heart pumping, enhancing your cardiovascular workout.

  4. Increased calorie burn. More weight means more effort, and more effort means more calories expended with every walk.

  5. Versatility: Jetti Packs enable you to take your workout into the great outdoors and reap all of the benefits of being in nature. Plus, you’ll keep your hands free to walk the dog, snap some photos, or even practice your favorite dance moves.

Yes, you will literally get stronger with every step. And you’ll be standing taller, too, though we can’t promise you’ll be able to reach the soup can on the top shelf. 

We do recommend that you start slow and keep your walks shorter while you get used to wearing a Jetti Pack. But as you progress in your walking practice, you’ll be able to add more weight to your Jetti Pack to continue to challenge your body and bring even more strength to your workout. You can even wear it while performing body-weight exercises like squats, lunges, and even push-ups!

Grab your Jetti Pack and get stronger with every step.

As always, remember to check with your doctor before starting any new workout routine.

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