Level Up Your Yoga Practice with Jetti Flow

Level Up Your Yoga Practice with Jetti Flow

If you’ve ever tried yoga, you’re certain to have experienced the mental and physical benefits that come with the practice. Taking the time to hold poses, to focus on your breath, and to push yourself deeper into a stretch can be healing, calming, and rejuvenating. But when you add Jetti Poles to the mix? Well, your flow has just gone to the next level.

The Jetti Flow mind-body class, led by Coach Jenny, combines flowing yoga asanas (poses) with strength-based exercises (like squats and bicep curls) to form a completely new way of transforming your body from the inside out. You’ll up the intensity to increase your heart rate, build muscle and strength using your Jetti Poles, and work your core to maximize overall stability. Each class will end with breath work to bring our mind and body into a restful state.

Part of the Jetti Fit App, Jetti Flow is one of eight types of classes led by world-class trainers structured to help you tone your arms, strengthen your back and core, boost your cardiovascular system, and, yep, get your yoga on! All classes are on-demand and new classes are added weekly.

All you need for a Jetti Flow class are your Jetti Poles, a (yoga) mat, a water bottle and your Jetti Fit App. Coach Jenny will take care of the rest!

Wanna see what it’s all about? Try out a sample Jetti Slow Flow class here, and get long, lean and strong!

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