Jetti Poles Deck of Cards Workout

Jetti Poles Deck of Cards Workout

Looking for a little challenge, a little something different, a way to spice up your at-home Jetti workout? Of course, you can always take a class from one of our fantastic coaches. Or take your Jettis out for a spin down the street.

But if the wind is howling and you feel like doing something on your own, you can design your own Jetti Deck of Cards Workout. All you need is any deck of cards and your Jettis.

Here’s how.

First, choose four movements, each one will be executed whenever that suit is pulled. Be sure to choose exercises that you can do more than 80 repetitions of! Then, choose your one bonus “Ace” movement – something challenging because you will only do it four times (each time you pull an ace).

Strive to select movements that hit different areas of your body and different muscle groups. Here are two examples – but the fun of your Deck of Cards Workout is that you can truly make them your own.


  • Hearts = Jack legs
  • Diamonds = Lawnmower
  • Spades = Kickline
  • Clubs = Public Toilet Seat Avoiders (Squats)
  • Aces = Jetti March in place for two minutes

Write them down. Trust me, I know you think you will remember but … you won’t!

Next, be sure you are fully warmed up and be sure your wam up includes 10 of each of the movements you plan to do.

Crank up your favorite playlist, and turn over the first card. Do the movement you’ve selected, the number of times indicated (if you turn over a three of hearts and hearts = lunges, you’ll do three lunges). Turn over the next card. Keep going until you have gotten through the entire deck!

Now, the first time you do this, you might choose a wrong exercise or two. Perhaps Serve the Appies is too easy and squats are too hard. Maybe you want to make up a few of your own moves. Maybe you want to get on a video call with a Pack Member and do it together! Go ahead, iterate, refine and explore.

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