How Music Helps to Fuel Your Footsteps

How Music Helps to Fuel Your Footsteps

Ever catch yourself dancing down the aisles at the grocery store? A hum of the tune being played overhead coursing through your lips, giving you a bit of pep in your step? Perhaps a drum of your fingers on the shopping cart handle? Ah, yes, it's the power of music to turn what can be a mundane task into a bit more fun.

Now, take those tunes on a Jetti Walk with you and you just might find yourself walking a little faster, going a bit farther, and crushing your fitness goals more regularly. Why is music such a great tool to fuel your footsteps? Here are a few reasons:

  1. The rhythm is gonna get you: Music has a beat that you can move to. This rhythm helps you synchronize your movements and makes exercise more enjoyable.

  2. Tap into the tempo: The tempo of music can influence the intensity of exercise. Faster music can make you want to move faster and work harder, while slower music can help you relax and recover.

  3. Forget about it: Music can be a great distraction from the physical discomfort of exercise by taking your mind off fatigue, boredom, or discomfort, and help you push through your walk.

  4. Cue the happiness hormones: Music has the power to alter your mood by triggering the happiness hormone dopamine, making you feel more positive and energized. This can help you feel more motivated to keep going.

And there’s research to back it up. According to this study from Psychology of Sport and Exercise, music helps increase motivation, enhances enjoyment, and elevates your heart rate and peak power output. Simply stated…music gets you up and moving! In fact, as reported by, 93% of people say that music makes or breaks a workout.

But music doesn’t just affect you when you are already out on a Jetti Walk or doing any form of physical activity. It plays a big role in getting you pumped up and ready to go. In the white paper The ABC of Music in Exercise: Affect, Behavior, and Cognition,, Professor Costas I. Karageorghis PhD writes that music can actually change your mind. “Pre-task” music with lyrics that provide affirmation and empowerment help to motivate and feed into mental preparation.  

With modern-day technology like Spotify and iTunes, it’s easier than ever to build your perfect playlist. From inspiring lyrics, to upbeat vibes, to soothing sounds, you can assemble just the right mix to keep you in the zone. If you’re looking for a way to get started, make a list of your favorite songs and think about how they make you feel. Start your playlist with songs with a moderate beat that make you smile, and build to those that make you want to twirl around the floor and dance! Round out your playlist with those songs that allow you to slow down, focus on your breath, and honor the hard work you just did. 

Want an even easier option to get your music flowing? Jetti's sister brand, 99 Walks, curates and inspirational selection of music each month on Spotify.

So, go ahead. Pump up the volume and get to moving! There’s no right or wrong answer to what music fuels your footsteps. Just listen to your heart, pay attention to how your mind and body responds, and step into the rhythm. Oh, and if you find yourself dancing in the street, go right ahead. We just might join you.

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