Get Up & Glow Yellow

Get Up & Glow Yellow

Psst. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I see you looking at me. Here, in the corner. 
Yeah, I’ve been watching you, too. Looking a little gloomy lately, wouldn’t you say? Maybe feeling a little low for not getting up and moving more? 
Well, you know I’ve got the answer. Come on over, grab hold, and let’s turn things around. And no, you’re not in this alone. Let’s do this together.”

Introducing the newest Jetti Pole color: Get Up & Glow Yellow. From the moment you reach for your Get Up & Glow Yellow Jetti Poles, you’ll shine brightly. You’ll discover your inner boldness, confidence, and power; truly illuminating your path to better health and wellness—both mentally and physically.

Why yellow? Full of energy, happiness and optimism, the color yellow is known to make you smile. It fuels creativity, stimulates your mind, and warms your soul. Some may even say it makes you glow. 

So, don’t be surprised if your smile shines a little brighter, lasts a little longer, and spreads a little wider. It’s because you’ve gotten up, started moving, and, if you really give it your best go, you’ll probably start to see that glow. (We call that the Jetti Glow!)

Grab your Get Up & Glow Yellow Jetti Poles, believe in yourself and let what’s inside beam out. Get up. Be you. And let the world see you glow. 

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