9 Tactics to Help You Stick to Your Walking Routine

9 Tactics to Help You Stick to Your Walking Routine

We all start with the best intentions. The excitement and energy that comes with starting something new helps propel us through the first handful of days, but then the enthusiasm starts to ebb. We start to come up with excuses, and finding the motivation to keep going is not easy. There's no shame in the game of finding a way to trick your mind into doing what you know you need to do to help move you toward your goal. And because we’ve all been there, we’ve put together a list of nine tactics that help keep us moving forward and walking toward better health and wellness.

  1. Join a supportive community: Sometimes seeing like-minded people who truly understand your struggles is all it takes. So, get active in a community that openly shares their wins, failures, and their “I did its, but it wasn’t pretty.” We happen to think the Jetti Crew Facebook group is a great place to start. 

  2. It’s all in the audio: A good mind trick is to find some audio to which you love to listen. Maybe it’s the perfect playlist, or perhaps it’s an audiobook that grabs your attention. Step up this tactic by only allowing yourself to listen to your audio preference while on a walk! Need some inspiration? We kinda love the monthly 99 Walks Spotify playlists. Find them here!

  3. Find an accountability partner: We know what it’s like to commit to something on our own, but when you find a partner in crime, well that just makes it all the more likely you’ll succeed as you don’t want to let one another down. Find someone with whom you can join forces and set a schedule to work together toward a joint goal. 

  4. Walk in a place you love: Do you love the water? Find a nearby lake or beach to soothe your soul. Maybe your preference is to be surrounded by tall trees on a quiet trail where the birds and squirrels play freely. Head to a wooded area for your walk. But, bottom line, find a place you love and schedule a few of your walks there each week.

  5. Get a new outfit or new shoes: You've heard the saying “when you look good, you feel good,” so find a cute pair of leggings and matching top, a fun hat or hairband, or even a colorful pair of shoes to get you excited about heading out for your walk. When your confidence is up, we just know you’ll hold your head high and strut down the street looking and feeling your best!

  6. Reward yourself: Have something you’ve been eyeing? Make a deal with yourself that once you hit a specific goal, that little something is yours! The payoff is up to you—it could be a new top, a sweet treat, a mani/pedi, or even just a nap—but you’ll certainly feel like you’ve earned it after walking your way to the finish line!

  7. Find a furry friend: There’s nothing that will propel you to head out for a walk than the longing eyes of a pet. Dogs, and even some cats, love to be taken out for walks, not to mention them being an incredibly loving companion. Not ready for pet ownership? Offer to take a friend’s pup for a stroll, or volunteer at a dog shelter to help exercise the pooches waiting for their fur-ever home.

  8. Put it front and center: Want to walk more consistently? Be intentional about laying out your walking clothes and shoes ahead of time to make it easier for you to get started! If you get your walk in after the work day, bring your walking gear with you and get in a walk before you leave the office, or on your way home.

  9. Remember your why: Yep, you had a reason for wanting to start an intentional walking practice. That reason is yours, and yours alone. Think back to the excitement and the potential you visualized when things were new, and let that feeling sink in. Why was it important to you? What do you hope to gain? How do you feel when you stick to your goal? 

Next time you find yourself needing some motivation, consider one of these tactics. Find what works for you and pocket it away for a day when you just can’t get moving. And remember, you’re not alone. Because your Jetti Crew will always—and we mean always—be cheering you on. 

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