6 Ways Jetti Poles Help With Posture

6 Ways Jetti Poles Help With Posture

We spend a lot of time looking down—at our computers, our phones, during an impromptu snooze on the couch—and often don’t realize the hunch of our back or the slouch of our shoulders. It all can culminate in poor posture, and unless you can channel your mom nagging reminding you to sit up straight, it can become a not-so-good habit that can carry into many aspects of your life. But, you don’t actually need to go back to etiquette classes to snap you into an upright position. You just need a pair of Jetti Poles.

When you hold a pair of Jetti Poles, walking poles designed to turn your walk into a full-body workout, you’ll notice how you stand up straighter, walk taller, and, we’re willing to bet, see far beyond your big toe. That’s because Jetti Poles help you:

  1. Engage your core. When you ensure your core is engaged, your body can stand tall with your chest lifted, shoulders naturally pulled back, but relaxed, with a slight bend at your elbow. This will set the stage for proper walking form.
  2. Maintain proper alignment. You’ll be able to keep your knees in line with your ankles—rather than rotating in or out, hips aligned under your shoulders, and your back from arching or rounding. This proper alignment gives you better control and puts less pressure on your spine. 
  3. Propel yourself with your arms. Holding your Jetti Poles, you’ll be better positioned to keep your arms moving forward—instead of crossing in front of your body uncontrollably—keeping you from stooping or bending forward.
  4. Look up and forward. Not just for safety, but looking ahead and not down is so important for posture. Looking ahead lessens the tension in the neck and shoulders and provides you the opportunity to develop more strength in the neck and shoulders to better avoid the excessive shoulder rotation that comes with sitting or looking down.
  5. Step softly. When your posture is in check, your foot will hit the ground at a more controlled stride, taking away stress put on your knees and joints.
  6. Breathe more deeply. With your body in proper alignment and posture, your chest, and therefore lungs, will be opened up for those deep breaths and better oxygen circulation. Try taking a big gulp of air while you’re hunched over and you’ll immediately feel the difference!

And if you want to go hands-free, give the Jetti Pack a try. This weighted pack helps unload your spine, taking the pressure off of your back muscles, and again, pulling your body into proper alignment and better posture. A few regular laps around the block with Jetti Poles or a Jetti Pack and you’ll be noticing yourself sitting up straighter, even when you’re scrolling the ‘gram.



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