4 Ways to Honor International Women's Day

4 Ways to Honor International Women's Day

Every year, on March 8th, we stop to celebrate International Women’s Day, a day to recognize all that women have achieved, be it social, economic, cultural or political. It’s a moment for us to move forward toward equality and gender parity. To accelerate that next step for action. A time when women should all stop and stand tall as a reflection of those that stood before us, salute those that empower us, and encourage those who hold a vision for our future.

This year, the International Women’s Day theme, “Embrace Equity,” guides us as we imagine a gender equal world. Where we are free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. Where we value diversity and embrace inclusivity. Where we forge the path to women’s equality.

Since 1911, well over a hundred years ago, we have been honoring International Women’s Day through rallies, marches, strikes, proclamations, fundraising, celebratory events and more. You can read about the full timeline here. But, today, what can we do to support and honor International Women’s Day? We can:

  1. Educate Ourselves. Learn about the history of International Women’s Day and those influential women in history that have helped evoke change. For a great resource to learn more, click here.
  2. Wear the Colors. Purple—the color for justice and dignity, green—the color for hope, and white—the color for purity, are the colors that symbolize International Women’s Day. Wear one. Wear them all. Just wear them.
  3. Make a Difference. This holiday belongs to everyone, so let’s make this a day to make a positive difference for women. From participating in an event to making a donation to a female-focused charity to recognizing individuals for their contribution to women, we can all do something to make a difference. Use this day to talk with friends about what you, together, can do, and reflect with other generations about how far we have come, and where we still need to go.
  4. Bring Awareness. Not only is it important to bring awareness to others, but also to ourselves for our own unconscious biases. Reflecting on how we unknowingly respond can help us grow to be more understanding of others.

International Women’s Day is a day for everyone, men and women alike. A day to recognize, reflect, and take action. To take the steps to making women truly equal, not only in working roles and wages, but also dignity. Though our country has made great strides, there are many places around the world who are well behind, and we must work together to make things better.

Most importantly, for this day and beyond, keep talking. Keep acting. And keep learning. Click here to visit the International Women’s Day website, and follow #IWD2023 and #EmbraceEquity for more information and inspiration.

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