10 Benefits of Jetti Walking

10 Benefits of Jetti Walking

You don’t have to do much more than put one foot in front of the other to understand the benefits of walking. The payback is almost immediate with benefits for your mind, mood and body. Add Jetti Poles and those benefits increase exponentially. 

Patent-pending Jetti Poles: 

  1. Transform your walk into a full-body workout. Simply by bringing your Jetti Poles on your walk, you activate sooooo many more muscles. Your back. Your shoulders. Your biceps and triceps. Your core. Yep, Jetti Walking engages pretty much your entire body. And because Jetti Poles are designed with top, bottom, and middle grips, you can break into more moves than you’ll see at the halftime show at the Big Game. Squats, lunges and overhead presses anyone?
  2. Improve your coordination and neuromuscular control. Jetti Walking is built on functional movements—you know, the moves you do every day and most likely take for granted. (Avoided sitting on a public toilet seat lately?) Working several muscle groups at one time trains your body to move the way it was meant to move. 
  3. Improve your balance. That core of yours? It’s about to get stronger, which will help you when you’re trying to get your team to guess the word “flamingo” at your next game of charades. Because you’re performing movements using poles with equally-weighted tops and bottoms, you’re giving your body the stability needed to perform the exercise correctly, all while forcing your body to function as a single system. The result? Better balance all around.
  4. Reduce impact on your joints. We all get by with a little help from our friends, and Jetti Poles are going to reach BFF status fast! Plain and simple, Jetti Walking reduces the impact on your joints by stepping in to take some of the impact off your feet. 
  5. Burn more calories. Jetti Poles have been tested on the streets, but also in an independent sports performance lab, and dig this: three subjects walking at the same speed (2 miles per hour), increased their peak caloric output by an average of 55.6%. Yep, you read that right: 55.6%!
  6. Improve your cardio-respiratory fitness. You may not realize it in the moment, but Jetti Poles elevate your walk so you’re working harder and getting fit faster. Your circulatory and respiratory systems supply oxygen to your skeletal muscles while you’re active. And the way these systems get stronger? Yep, by exercise. Getting your sweat on with Jetti Walking is not only feeding your muscles, but also strengthening your heart muscle. Now that’s something to love.
  7. Let you take it outside. Breaking free from the confinement of four walls and stepping outside does any body good. But when you take your Jetti Walking out into the soothing sights and sounds of nature, well, you won’t be able to stifle your smile. Having the flexibility to exercise with Jetti Poles outdoors not only makes working out a breath of fresh air, but we bet you’ll work even harder since you’ll be having more fun.
  8. Challenge your limits. It’s time to tap into your potential. Let go of what you only thought was possible and start reaching for the sky; Jetti Poles aren’t called Reach for the Sky Blue for nothing! Jetti reflects your commitment and determination towards transforming your fitness lifestyle in the best way possible. It represents your strength and your bond with your body, and empowers your fitness journey, inspiring you to crush your goals. With Jetti Walking, YOU come first.
  9. Find what works for you. No matter your fitness level or where you take your workout, Jetti Walking meets you where you are. Offering added support for those new to working out, or challenging movements to elevate your walking practice, Jetti is for everyone and can be done anywhere and everywhere. Layering on exercises when you’re ready is as easy as throwing on your favorite hoodie when the sun starts setting on a California summer evening. This is your #JettiJourney.
  10. Get a grip on fun! Put a stop to boring, repetitive workouts. The moment you get your Jetti Poles in your hand, the party begins! Now we know why all those parade leaders seem to be having the most fun! 

 Don’t let the spider hiding in the corner of your bathroom be the only thing that gets your heart rate up. Add Jetti Poles to your fitness routine and discover the added benefits of incorporating total body movement, and take your exercise program to a whole new level.


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